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Ohio Medicaid Waiver Program

The Ohio Medicaid Waiver Program funds the services necessary to allow the individual to stay in his or her own home.  These programs “waive” Medicaid regulations so individuals can use community-based programs that cost far less than nursing homes and other institutional residential settings.  This program addresses the high cost of nursing home care and people's desire to stay in their own homes.



Ohio Cell Phone Search Requires Search Warrant

Apple and the FBI have gotten a lot of attention lately on the government’s power to search cell phones.  Apple refused to unlock its phones and FBI figured out how to do it by themselves.  Long before this battle ensued, the Ohio Supreme Court issued the following decision: Ohio cell phone search requires search warrant



Police Cannot Search Legally Parked Cars Without A Warrant

In 2016, the Ohio Supreme Court issued a ruling that declared that the  police cannot search legally parked cars without a warrant.  The arrest of an occupant of the vehicle does not, by itself, give the police authority to search legally parked vehicles.