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Ohio Divorce Impacts Benefits

An Ohio divorce impacts benefits in many ways. Benefits can be preserved while the divorce is pending. Rights to benefits can either be awarded or denied after the divorce is finalized. When a divorce is filed, most domestic relations courts in Ohio automatically issue retraining orders. These restraining orders prohibit the parties from selling assets or destroying assets, and from cancelling benefits. This means neither party can remove the other from any insurance coverage, including health insurance.


Ohio Child Custody Evaluations

Some child custody battles in Ohio need a more in-depth look than what can be provided by just the testimony of the witnesses. Ohio child custody evaluations can provide that deeper look into the parents and children involved.  A child custody evaluation is ordered by the court and usually consists of psychological evaluations of the parents, observations of the parents with the children, interviews of the parents, and collateral information.


Rights Of Students In Public Schools

Do juveniles have the same rights as adults? Generally yes, but such rights are balanced against protecting the juvenile from himself or herself as well as keeping schools safe.  This article focuses on the rights of students in public schools.