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Real Estate

The rights and obligations under a condominium association are determined by Ohio law, the declaration, bylaws and rules passed by the condominium association board.  The condominium association act provides for attorney fees for the association in certain instances where the tenants violate its provisions.

Personal Injury

When you are injured, an experienced personal injury attorney can provide you with the aggressive representation to protect your rights.  Personal injuries resulting in money damages can be caused in several ways, including automobile accidents, slip and falls, and improperly prepared food.

Foreclosure Defense

Under the Making Home Affordable act, homeowners who fall behind on their mortgage payments can have their mortgages modified. This can be accomplished by reducing the initial interest rate to as low as 2% and extending the term of the mortgage loan. This process often occurs at the same as the foreclosure process. Because the time to complete the modification process varies, it is important to protect your rights by defending the foreclosure complaint. Attorney Gigiano has provided successful foreclosure defense for numerous homeowners facing the loss of their home.  Call now to learn how his experience can help you obtain your modification while defending your foreclosure case.